Lpg Cylinder Cleaning Hook Shot Blasting Rust Remove Machine


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Lpg Cylinder Cleaning Hook Shot Blasting Rust Remove Machine

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Q37 Series Hook Type Shot Blasting machine is for surface cleaning or strengthening treatment of small castings, forging parts in industry of foundry, building, chemical, motor, machine tool etc. It is special for surface cleaning and blasting strengthening on various types, small production castings, forging parts and steel construction parts for clearing little viscous sand, sand core and oxide skin. It is also suitable for surface cleaning and strengthening on heat treatment parts, especially for cleaning slightness, thin wallparts which is not suitable for impact.

Main Features
This series is hook type shot blasting machine, is mainly used for surface cleaning of casting, structure, non-ferrous and other parts. This series shot blasting machine have many types, such as single hook type, double hook type, lifting type, non-lifting type. It has advantage of non-pit, compact structure, high productivity, etc.
1). The equipment is mainly applied in the processing of medium and small size workpieces in large scale. It has the advantage of high efficiency, compact structure.
2). Workpieces can be transported continuously. The working procedure is that, setting the speed, hanging workpieces over the hooks, and removing them after shot cleaning. 
3). Each single hook can hang weight from 10 kgs to 5000 kgs with high productivity and stable running.
4). It makes a best effect on complicated workpieces both the surface and inner part, such as cylinder cap of engine and motor casing.
5). It is an ideal choice for auto, tractor, diesel engine, motor and valve industry. 


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