How to choose the steel shot of the mesh belt shot blasting machine

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How to choose the steel shot of the mesh belt shot blasting machine

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Improper selection of steel shots will affect the normal operation of the mesh belt shot blasting machine, and the diameter of the shots required by the shot blasting machine is determined according to the required surface roughness of the parts and the surface hardness of the parts. So, how to choose the steel shot used for the mesh belt shot blasting machine?
1. The larger the diameter of the steel shot, the higher the surface roughness after cleaning, but the cleaning efficiency is also higher. Irregularly shaped steel grit or steel wire cut shots have higher cleaning efficiency than spherical shots, but the surface roughness is also higher.
2. Projectiles with high cleaning efficiency will wear out the equipment quickly. It is only calculated by the use time, but compared to the production efficiency, the wear is not fast.
3. Hardness is directly proportional to cleaning speed, but inversely proportional to life. So the hardness is high, the cleaning speed is fast, but the life is short and the consumption is large.
4. Moderate hardness and excellent resilience, so that the steel shot can reach every place in the cleaning room, reducing the processing time. The internal defects of the projectile, such as pores and cracks, shrinkage holes, etc., can affect its life and increase consumption. If the density is greater than 7.4g/cc, the internal defects tend to be smaller. The steel shots selected by the mesh belt shot blasting machine include steel wire cut shots, alloy shots, cast steel shots, iron shots, etc.



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