Advantages of crawler shot blasting machine

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Advantages of crawler shot blasting machine

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First of all, the working principle of the crawler shot blasting machine is no different from that of the ordinary shot blasting machine. Both use the projectiles to clean the parts at a high speed. But the difference is that the equipment installed on the workpiece is a high-strength rubber crawler or a crawler made of manganese steel. Such a crawler must be wear-resistant and practical to be able to load different wearable workpieces.

Therefore, it can be known from the working process that the crawler shot blasting machine is a small shot blasting equipment, which does not occupy too much area. It is mainly composed of a cleaning room, a shot blasting device, a crawler, and a separator. The structure is not complicated, and the working process is simple to ensure that as much labor is saved as possible, and high-speed automation is realized.

At the same time, the biggest advantage of the crawler shot blasting machine is that for most small workpieces, the cleaning effect is very good. The structure of the overall shot blasting machine is very compact, which ensures that the connection time between each link is reduced, and the production schedule is greatly accelerated, which is more worthwhile. The advantage of mentioning is that the noise is relatively small, which is really good for large factories.

The crawler shot blasting machine can be used as a stand-alone machine and supports wiring. The simple structure also has a good cleaning effect, and the advantages are still obvious. At the same time, the key is that the service life is usually relatively long and easy to maintain.





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