Applicable industries of hook shot blasting machine

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Applicable industries of hook shot blasting machine

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The hook type shot blasting machine can be used in steel mills: the steel and steel plates produced by the steel mill have many burrs when they are just out of the furnace, which will affect the quality and appearance of the steel. These problems can be dealt with by using a through-type shot blasting machine, and these problems can be solved. Shipyard: The steel plate used by the shipyard is rusty, which will affect the quality of shipbuilding. It is impossible to use manual de-embroidering, and the workload will be very large. Machines are required to remove rust to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, which can be processed by the series process; foundry industry: castings produced by general foundry companies need to be polished, and shot blasting machinery is the professional machinery used in this regard . Bearing factory: The bearing is made of molds, and the appearance is relatively lubricated. However, sometimes there are some impurities or burrs. This also needs to be sorted. At this time, the shot blasting machine comes in handy. He uses different models according to different workpieces, and will not damage the original shape and performance of the casting. Car manufacturing plant: According to the operating requirements of the car manufacturing plant, the steel plates and some castings used need to be polished, but the strength of the steel plate and the original appearance must not be damaged. The appearance of the castings must be clean and beautiful. Because car parts are not very regular, different polishing machines are required to complete them. The shot blasting machines that need to be used include: drum type, rotary table, crawler type, and through type shot blasting finishing machines, and different machines process different workpieces.



    The hook type shot blasting machine can be used in the mold industry: Generally speaking, most molds are cast, and the mold itself requires smoothness. The shot blasting machine can be polished according to different requirements without damaging the original mold. Shape and performance. Hardware factory and electroplating factory: Because both the hardware factory and the electroplating factory require the surface of the workpiece to be clean, flat and lubricated, the shot blasting machine can handle these problems. The hardware factory has relatively small workpieces. Suitable drum-type shot blasting machines and crawler-type shot blasting machines are suitable for use, depending on the situation. Valve factory: Because the workpieces in the valve factory are all cast, they need to be polished and polished to be clean, lubricated and flat. This requires shot blasting machinery to sort out these impurities. Available machinery: rotary table, hook type shot blasting machine. Steel structure construction enterprises: The steel structure must be derusted before use to meet the structural requirements specified by the country. The through shot blasting machine adopts fully automatic finishing, no manpower is required to remove rust, and the environmental pollution problem of pickling is reduced.




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