Composition of sandblasting room

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Composition of sandblasting room

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The main body of the blasting chamber


The main wall of the sandblasting equipment uses a noise reduction sandwich panel with a glass wool interlayer and a wear-resistant rubber lining. The rubber lining also has a noise reduction function. The wall of the blasting chamber is reinforced by a solid welded square tube to ensure that it will not be deformed during transportation and installation. The ground and painted square tube will be far enough to resist corrosion from the natural environment. The cargo door and roof are built-in welded profiles, closed in steel plates and assembled with wear-resistant rubber (maximum 5mm) inside. The unique sealing system prevents the loss of abrasive materials, and the door can be closed easily. The lamps use high-efficiency LED lights to maximize the use of luminosity. The fastening system of the blasting chamber is easy to disassemble for maintenance.


The sandblasting equipment system adopts the sandblasting nozzle with mature technology. For nozzles, the new combination of aluminum and polyurethane adds recognized advantages in weight balance, strength, and shock absorption that are not found in metal shell nozzles. The long-term design of abrasive blasting machines will maximize production requirements and increase the impact of abrasives when hard, difficult to clean surfaces are required.


Abrasive recycling system in blasting chamber


The abrasive recycling system of the shot blasting chamber is divided into three parts: floor recycling, bucket elevator and separator. The blasting room recycling system uses the floor recycling system to recover the used blasting media and pollutants into the bucket elevator, and then into the separator, and then the recyclable abrasive enters the storage hopper for recycling. The abrasive and waste will be separated by the separator.


Manual cleaning mode


Manual cleaning mode is the most economical abrasive recovery system, which is only suitable for low-volume operations. This is the simplest recycling system, but the abrasive needs to be manually pushed into the recycling system after blasting. This kind of shot blasting room recovery system hardly needs a foundation pit and will not damage the ground.


Single screw or scraper partial recovery system


Provide the most economical floor design. The system consists of a screw conveyor or cracker conveyor, heavy-duty spiral belt and bucket elevator, air scrubber separator, perforated plate rotating drum separator, and oversized abrasive storage hopper with caged herringbone ladder and handrails. It can be extended to "H", "U" or full floor recycling system, which is most suitable for low and medium production levels.


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