What industrial fields can the shot blasting machine be used in?

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What industrial fields can the shot blasting machine be used in?

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Specific field application:

1. Port, shipbuilding and steel smelting industry

Mainly steel plate profile pretreatment line. Now many shipyards and steel plants at home and abroad have successfully applied this equipment. my country also has many steel plate lines exported abroad.

2. Railway locomotive and automobile manufacturing

Almost all railway locomotive factories and depots in the country are equipped with complete vehicles or bolster side frame shot blasting machines, and a large number of cleaning equipment is also used for automobile chassis, car bodies, and key parts.

3. Aerospace and military fields

Such as aircraft wings, tail wings, military artifacts, etc.

4. Construction Machinery Plant

Typical workpieces are the five components of the excavator and bulldozer.

5. Construction machinery and bridge engineering

Construction tower cranes, steel structure bridges across rivers and seas on highways, etc.

6. Non-metallic areas

Domestic such as carbon electrode shot blasting machine, ceramic tile cleaning machine, etc. The successful use of foreign concrete production, terrazzo parts shot blasting machine, etc., has created a new world of shot blasting technology in the non-metallic field.

7. Ship anchor chain manufacturing industry

Every domestic ship anchor chain manufacturer is also equipped with a special shot blasting machine for anchor chain.

8. Power equipment manufacturing industry

The successful use of shot blasting machines in China, such as Shen Gao Kai and Sub Gao Kai, has extended the tentacles of shot blasting technology to the new field of power equipment.

9. Oilfield equipment cleaning and strengthening

Domestic oil fields such as Daqing, Shengli, Zhongyuan, Liaohe and Jianghan are basically equipped with sucker rod strengthening machines and steel pipe outer and inner wall cleaning machines.

10. Machine tool manufacturing

Many machine tool factories across the country have used machine bed shot blasting machines and gear strengthening machines.

11. Pavement of pavement, bridge deck and other ground

Domestic highways, tunnels, viaducts, and airstrips are gradually using mobile shot blasting machines.

11. Other

Such as spring shot blasting, wire rod or silver bright material cleaning, special trailer manufacturing and so on.



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