How to solve the noise problem of the shot blasting machine

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How to solve the noise problem of the shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-10
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First, if the noise is caused by friction between the steel shot and the blade, then this improvement measure should be adopted:

(1). The selected steel shot should be made of a material with low crushing rate and impact resistance characteristics, so that the sound of friction of the steel shot can be reduced.

(2). When selecting blades, the hardness should be uniformly distributed. There should be no interlayer or inclusion in the blades, especially its surface should be smooth, so that the friction can be effectively reduced, so that it is easy to use. It can make the frictional force smaller, and its noise will also be smaller.

Second, because of the noise generated between the pill wheel, the steel shot and the directional sleeve, if this is the case, then this measure should be adopted:

The gap between the blasting wheel and the directional sleeve should be adjusted, so that the friction generated by the steel shot inside can be reduced, and the shot blasting process can be made more exquisite, so many functions are also used when dealing with noise problems. This method is often used, not only to reduce noise, but also to effectively maintain the through-type shot blasting machine, so that it has a longer service life.

The noise generated by these two reasons is very easy to deal with. According to the above method, the noise problem of the through-type shot blasting machine can be solved, so if there is noise, don't worry too much, it can be solved very easily.



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