How to maintain steel pipe shot blasting machine

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How to maintain steel pipe shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-08-06
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The following points should be paid attention to during the maintenance and maintenance of the steel pipe shot blasting machine:
1. Frequently check the anchor nuts of the steel pipe shot blasting machine room body, and tighten them in time if they are loose.
2. Frequently check whether the belt of the hoist is too loose or skewed. If any abnormality is found, it should be adjusted and tightened in time.
3. Frequently check the wear of the shot blasting blades, blasting wheels, and directional sleeves of the steel pipe shot blasting machine. When the thickness of the blades is evenly worn 2/3, the width of the blasting wheel window is averagely worn 1/2, and the directional sleeve window is worn. When increasing by 15mm, all should be replaced.
4. Check the screw conveyor frequently. When the diameter of the blade wears out 20mm, it should be replaced.
5. Frequently check and clean up the debris on the screen of the pill-sand separator. When the screen is found to be worn, it should be replaced in time.
6. Frequently add or replace lubricants in accordance with the lubrication system.
7. Frequently check and clean the wear of the indoor guard plate. If the rubber plate of the wear-resistant manganese plate is found to be worn or cracked, it should be replaced in time.
8. Frequently clean the projectiles scattered around the equipment to prevent the operator from slipping and getting injured.


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