Application of pavement shot blasting machine

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Application of pavement shot blasting machine

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Pavement shot blasting machine is a kind of machine that throws shots onto the working surface at a high speed and at a certain angle, so that the surface of the road is rough and can also remove residues. The negative pressure generated by the dust collector will cause impurities and dust. After being recycled and then cleaned by airflow, the pellets will be automatically recycled, and impurities and dust will fall into the dust collection box at this time.

Road shot blasting machine

The pavement shot blasting machine can roughen the surface of the concrete, and can remove the surface scum and impurities of the concrete at one time, exposing the fresh concrete surface, making the surface uniform and rough, which is useful for improving the adhesion strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete base layer. It has a very good effect, so that the waterproof layer and the bridge deck are better combined, so that the concrete cracks are fully exposed, and it plays a preventive role.

The pavement shot blasting machine has a good effect on improving the roughness and friction coefficient of the asphalt pavement. It greatly improves the adhesion of the pavement to ensure the safety of driving. At the same time, it also improves the anti-skid performance of the pavement by the way.

The application of the shot blasting process in the anticorrosive coating of steel bridges cannot be denied. Most bridges will choose to use the shot blasting process to clean and roughen their surface before applying the anticorrosive primer or other spraying. The road shot blasting machine can be used. The roughness is controlled to meet the user's painting requirements. The entire process is dust-free and easy to move. It is environmentally friendly and convenient.

In consideration of waterproofing, fire and oil resistance of materials, the pavement in the tunnel is generally made of cement concrete, but there are also higher requirements for the anti-skid performance of the pavement of long tunnels. The shot blasting process is a simple construction and small equipment investment. , Remarkable effect and environmentally friendly treatment method.

The use of pavement shot blasting machine makes it easy and simple to remove tire tracks and markings on concrete and asphalt runways. Tire removal, removal of markings, restoration and increase of the surface roughness of the airport runway, and improvement of the friction coefficient of the runway, etc., road shot blasting machine can be processed in an orderly manner.

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