Faults and solutions of dust collector in shot blasting machine

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Faults and solutions of dust collector in shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-07-16
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The shot blasting machine adopts a bag-type dust collector system. During the operation of the shot blasting machine, the operator uses the handle on the dust collector to clean the dust once an hour, shaking the handle more than 10 times each time. After the shot blasting machine stops running, the operator manually opens the ash outlet at the bottom of the bag machine to remove the ash.
  The common faults and treatment methods of the bag-type dust collector during operation are:
  1. The dust collector does not remove dust as much as the internal dust accumulation causes insufficient exhaust air volume, so it should be cleaned in time;
  2. Exhaust air adjustment due to the displacement caused by vibration, the exhaust air volume is insufficient, adjust the baffle;
  3. Excessive dust accumulation in the filter bag of the dust collector causes insufficient exhaust air volume, clean or replace the filter bag;
  4. If the dust removal equipment fails, the equipment should be overhauled.
  The dust collector of the shot blasting machine does not remove dust or the dust removal is not ideal:
   1) The wiring of the dust collector fan is wrong, the fan is reversed, and the wiring should be re-wired;
   2) If the bag in the dust collector is not tightly bound, damaged or lacks a bag, it should be adjusted in time;
   3) The dust removal chamber or the dust removal pipeline is not tightly sealed, and all parts should be sealed
  4) The dust collector and the bursting mechanism are not activated or the number of activations is small, and the bag is blocked by dust. The dust attached to the bag should be cleaned up in time.




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