The catenary shot blasting machine for cleaning sheet metal welding parts is being tested

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The catenary shot blasting machine for cleaning sheet metal welding parts is being tested

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  • Time of issue:2021-06-03
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On June 2nd, in the Puhua Heavy Industries workshop, workers are busy assembling a catenary shot blasting machine. After the assembly is completed, the test machine will be operated in the Puhua factory. The test machine will be sent to the customer after the test machine is completed. goods. The test machine before delivery is not only responsible to the customer, but also the spirit of puhua heavy industry group considering all customers.



                                                               Sheet metal shot blasting machine in trial run




It is understood that this catenary shot blasting machine equipment is customized for Russian customers and used for surface cleaning of sheet metal welded parts, which will lay the foundation for the next painting process. The sheet metal shot blasting machine is expected to arrive in Russia by sea. When asked why he chose the equipment of Puhua Heavy Industries among many shot blasting machine companies, the customer answered that Puhua’s comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service and cost-effective products attracted him. After visiting the Puhua factory in person , Placed an order and expressed the desire for long-term cooperation.

       This sheet metal welded parts shot blasting machine can clean up to a maximum size of 1000mm*1500mm, 8 sets of shot blasting machines, and the maximum load capacity of the hook can reach 500kg. The shot blasting machine is a customized product, and various non-standard sizes can be customized according to the size requirements of customers' sheet metal parts.
The sheet metal shot blasting machine produced by Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industries Machinery is cost-effective. Many domestic and foreign customers come here. In order to return the trust of customers, Puhua Heavy Industries dare not slack in the slightest and focus on creating high-quality shot blasting equipment. , Concentrate on research and development, always put the satisfaction of customer needs before the company's interests, and strive to provide customers with high-quality products and considerate services.


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