Common troubleshooting methods of crawler shot blasting machine

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Common troubleshooting methods of crawler shot blasting machine

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Fault 1: uneven shot blasting volume of shot blasting machine

Elimination method: first adjust the opening of each pill supply gate; then adjust the gap of the falling sand adjustment plate of the separator to make the flow curtain uniform.

Fault 2: the dust removal efficiency of the dust collector is low

Remedy: Check whether the wiring of the dust collector extension is wrong, the fan is reversed, and the wiring is re-wired. Check that the bag inside the dust collector is not fastened or damaged, or the bag is missing. Check that the joints of the dust removal pipes are not well sealed. Check that the cleaned workpiece does not fall out as required, too much molding sand remains, and the dust content of the dust removal inlet is too high. Check that the blowback mechanism of the dust collector is not activated, or the number of activations is small, and the bag is blocked by dust, and the dust attached to the bag is removed in time.

Fault 3: the dust of the dust collector contains too much projectiles

Elimination method: Generally, the air volume of the separator is too large. Adjust the tuyere baffle properly until the dust removal effect can be ensured, but it is better not to suck out the projectile.

Fault 4: the cleaning effect is not ideal

Remedy: Check whether the supply of projectiles is insufficient, and appropriately replenish new projectiles. Check that the ejection direction of the shot blaster is not correct, and adjust the position of the directional sleeve window of the shot blaster. Check that the pellet size is inappropriate, and reselect the pellet size. If the pellets are agglomerated or used for a long time, replace the pellets in time.

Fault 5: bucket elevator does not work

Remedy: Check to remove the excessively large particles at the bottom of the elevator. If the belt is slipping, adjust the drive pulley tensioning device to tighten the belt. If there are too many shots at the bottom of the elevator, shut down in order and remove the shots. Check whether the door switch of the cleaning room is out of order or the door shaft is not well lubricated, and add lubricating oil.

Fault 6: the separation effect of the separator is poor

Remedy: If the flow curtain is uneven, adjust the flow control board to reach the flow curtain. Check whether the wind speed in the separation zone is appropriate, adjust the butterfly valve of the separator tuyere to make the wind speed in the separation zone reach 4-5m/s, and adjust the position of the first and second regulating plates.

Fault 7: the screw conveyor does not work

Remedy: Check whether there is blockage of the pellets, stop the machine in order and remove the pellets. Check the bending of the screw shaft of the equipment, and correct or polish the outer diameter of the blade. Check whether the welding seam of the spiral shaft head is broken. If there is a break, re-welding is required.



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