What are the main uses of the shot blasting machine

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What are the main uses of the shot blasting machine

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1. Steel plant: The steel plate and steel plate produced by the steel plant will have many burrs when they leave the furnace, which will affect the quality and appearance of the steel. These problems can be solved by using a shot blasting machine, so that these problems can be handled conveniently.

2. Shipyard: The rusty steel plates used by the shipyard will affect the quality of shipbuilding. The embroidery cannot be deleted manually. The workload will be huge. This requires machines to remove rust to ensure the quality of shipbuilding. The formula can be processed;

3. Automobile manufacturing plant: According to the operation requirements of the automobile manufacturing plant, the steel plate and certain castings need to be polished, but the strength and original appearance of the steel plate shall not be damaged. The appearance of castings needs to be clean and beautiful. . Since the car parts are not very regular, it is necessary to use a different polishing machine to complete. The shot blasting machines that need to be used are: drum, rotary, crawler and straight-through shot blasting machines. Different machines handle different workpieces;

4. Hardware factory and electroplating factory: Because both the hardware factory and the electroplating factory require the surface of the workpiece to be clean, flat and lubricated, the shot blasting machine can solve these problems. The workpieces in the hardware factory are relatively small. According to the situation, it is suitable to use drum shot blasting machine and crawler shot blasting machine. When the electroplating factory considers that the workpiece is small and the quantity is large, it can use the crawler shot blasting machine to complete the embroidery and polishing of the workpiece.

5. Motorcycle parts factory: Because the parts of motorcycle parts are very small, it is suitable to use drum shot blasting machine. Assuming the number is large, you can use the hook type or the crawler type.

6. Valve factory: Since all the workpieces in the valve factory are cast, they need to be polished and polished to make them clean, lubricated and flat. This requires the use of sandblasting machines to remove these impurities. Available machinery: turntable, hook shot blasting machine


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