How to choose the steel shot of the shot blasting machine

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How to choose the steel shot of the shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-04-20
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A good steel shot product can exert more kinetic energy on the surface of the workpiece, effectively play a role in cleaning and strengthening, have a long fatigue life, and effectively reduce the loss of steel shot in operation and reduce costs.

   When choosing steel shot products, the chemical composition of the products should be emphasized, and the carbon (C) content should be moderate. Silicon (Si) and manganese (Mn) can improve the strength and hardness of the steel shot, and it should be as high as possible (not less than 0.8% is better). Sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P) are harmful elements, which are easy to make steel shot brittle and cause premature cracking. It should be as low as possible (<0.03% is better).

   Hook type shot blasting machine, as the most important raw material in the industry, steel shot plays a very important role in processing the surface of the metal. The working process of steel shot is the treatment project of the metal surface. The steel shot with good quality standard is selected. The surface quality of the processed product will be good, after use, the appearance will be good, and the equipment can get good performance.

   Pay attention to the hardness of steel shot. If the steel shot or steel grit is too soft, it will slow down the finishing speed and reduce the work efficiency. During shot peening, the steel shot that is too soft cannot produce suitable residual stress, and the force of the low-hardness shot cannot be compensated by adding impact time. If the hardness is too high, an undesirable appearance will be traced. The broken probability of adding the projectile will cause the consumption to be too high, and the equipment will be worn out, and the equipment maintenance cost will be added. Therefore, the appropriate hardness is also very important.


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