Precautions for the installation of shot blasting machine

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Precautions for the installation of shot blasting machine

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Matters needing attention during the installation of the shot blasting machine:

   1. The host of the shot blasting machine is in place: the level and weight of the host must meet the requirements of the drawing when the host is in place.

   2. sub-component installation should be carried out from bottom to top.

   3. track type or catenary type, roller type should be from the inside to the outside of the equipment.

   4. Part of the pre-test should be performed during the test run, and then fully run after it is normal.

The operator's attention in the process of operating the equipment:

   1. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the display of the electric cabinet meter is normal.

   2. All personnel entering the shot blasting room must wear goggles and safety helmets.

   3. The operator must check the equipment every day.

   Including: lubrication part and mechanical part. Lubrication parts such as: reducer, hydraulic, lubricator and bearing chain. Mechanical parts such as: wear of rotating parts, wear of vulnerable parts.

   Example: If the shot blasting machine vibrates, it must be shut down immediately to replace the blades; the wear condition should be registered every day, and the wearing parts should be replaced in time.

   4. The lubrication part should be filled with oil in time.

   5. The directional sleeve must be adjusted and replaced in time.

   6. Check whether the amount of steel shot is sufficient every day.


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