Application of shot blasting machine in automobile industry

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Application of shot blasting machine in automobile industry

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Shot blasting machines are widely used in the automobile industry, including automobile beams, automobile chassis, engine blocks, parts and other metal parts, which require shot blasting machines. In addition, there are also agricultural machinery, bicycles, motorcycle accessories and other fields that can be used. Use shot blasting machine.


1. The application function of auto parts shot blasting machine:

It is mainly used for anti-rust treatment and eliminate the internal force of metal parts. Find the flaws of the workpiece in advance, remove welding slag and flash burrs, etc. It is more important to use shot blasting machine for the steel plate of the car body. After the shot blasting, the steel plate is sprayed to increase the rust prevention level. The shot blasting machine performs shot blasting on the original surface of the workpiece, removes the rust layer and oxide scale on the metal surface, and strengthens the internal stress of the metal. After shot blasting, the metal surface presents a uniform metallic luster, which is used to improve the metal coating. Quality and anti-corrosion effect. The shot blasting machine used in the automobile industry is mainly for cleaning the car body or welding seam and strengthening the workpiece. After roughening and shot blasting, the surface has a certain roughness, which makes the coating effect better and improves the overall use life. The strengthening effect is mainly aimed at strengthening the engine crankshaft and other output components, eliminating internal stress and improving strength.


2. What types of shot blasting machines are usually used in the automotive industry?

(1) Crawler shot blasting machine. According to different models, small workpieces of 150~800kg can be cleaned, suitable for metal parts that are not afraid of collision.

(2) Hook type shot blasting machine. Hang the auto parts that need to be cleaned on the hook, and then hoist them into the chamber for shot blasting. The cleaning method is more flexible and suitable for small batch factories.

(3) Catenary shot blasting machine. Multiple hooks, suitable for use with spraying production line.

(4) Roller type shot blasting machine. There are inlet and outlet in the form of roller table, suitable for cleaning of steel structure and steel plate.


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