Application range and advantages of steel structure shot blasting machine

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Application range and advantages of steel structure shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-03-02
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The scope of application of steel structure shot blasting machine: mainly used for steel plate, metal structure, machine tool bed, steel (cast iron) products, grid, engineering machinery and bridge manufacturing. Strong shot blasting can be applied to the surface of the steel in its original state to remove the rust layer and oxide scale on it, so that it can obtain a uniform metallic luster, so as to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of the steel.

Advantages of steel structure shot blasting machine:

1. The main pulley of the hoist adopts a cylindrical structure, and the passive pulley adopts an attached plate structure. The cylindrical structure of the main pulley prevents the belt from scratching due to the attached plate structure. The passive wheel adopts an attached plate structure to prevent projectiles from being retained on the pulley and belt. In between, the disadvantages of wearing the belt are beneficial to increase the friction between the belt and the pulley.
2. The hoist shell is lined with manganese plate at the falling end of the hopper as a wear-resistant protective plate to improve the service life of the shell.
3. The hoist hopper adopts a counterbore structure to completely prevent tearing caused by external belt bolts and scraping of the pulley.
4. The hoist anti-reversal device adopts the reducer brake device, which is no noise. The tensioning device has a wide adjustment range, the adjustable range is 1~15cm.
5. The attached room of the shot blasting cleaning room is sealed with multi-layer rubber plates to completely prevent the shots from spilling.
6. The shot blasting machine plc has a timing accumulation function for vulnerable parts to prevent damage to the shot blasting chamber and guard plate due to damage to the vulnerable parts.
7. Shot blasting chamber guard plate: The guard plate at the opening of the shot blasting machine adopts an integral structure to prevent the guard plate around the shot blasting machine and the chamber body from being worn out due to the assembly gap.
8. The position of the directional sleeve on the shot blasting machine is marked to reduce the adjustment time.
9. The filter cartridge of the dust collector adopts the Donaldson filter material of the United States, which has good filtering effect, strong permeability and long service life.
10. The layout of the shot blasting chamber and the shot blasting device are determined after the computer three-dimensional dynamic ejection simulation.


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