Composition and product characteristics of dust-free spray booth

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Composition and product characteristics of dust-free spray booth

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The dust-free spray booth uses air to induce water to form a water curtain. After the air containing paint mist hits the water curtain. Pass through the water curtain, enter the air-water channel, and produce strong mixing with the induced water by its own high speed. When entering the gas collecting tank, the flow rate suddenly decreases. Gas and water separation. The air is discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust fan after the water baffle. The separated water is collected at the lower part of the air collecting box into the overflow tank and overflows the water to the water curtain panel through the overflow tank to form a water curtain.

  Technical performance and model specifications of the dust-free paint spray booth: the paint mist purification efficiency of the dust-free paint spray booth>96%; the equipment resistance is 800-1100Pa within the calibrated air volume range; the noise of the equipment operation does not exceed 80dB(A);

  Summary The dust-free spray booth has the following main features:

  1. Utilize the high-speed exhaust air to induce water extraction, combine the exhaust air system and the water extraction system into one to form a water circulation system for the dust-free paint spray booth, which eliminates the entire water pump circulating water supply system, simplifies the structure and reduces the footprint;

  2. After realizing the dust-free spray booth circulation, it overcomes the fatal defect of the existing various pump water supply systems clogging. Reduced maintenance workload:

  3. Because the dust-free spray booth contains paint mist air, it passes through the spray booth, the water curtain, and the air-water channel and the water mist is strongly mixed and stirred. Form a multi-stage purification process to improve the purification efficiency;

  4. Add paint mist treatment agent to water. The adhesion of paint mist is destroyed, and the condensate sinks to the bottom of the tank. It is easy to clean the dust-free spray booth and ensure the ventilation effect.

  The dust-free spray booth has a novel structure, reliable performance, high paint mist purification efficiency, easy use and maintenance, and is a new ideal equipment for labor protection and environmental protection in the current spray paint industry. The dust-free spray booth can be widely used for spray painting in various industries such as airplanes, locomotives, machinery, electrical instruments, light industry, etc.


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