Epoxy ground shot blasting machine

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Epoxy ground shot blasting machine

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1. The pavement shot blasting machine throws the steel shot through the shot blasting machine and throws it onto the concrete surface at a certain angle, so that the surface of the steel shot concrete and the surface of the concrete are roughened to make the concrete surface rough and remove the residual cement Sundries such as floating slurry.

2. The road shot blasting machine is equipped with a dust collector. There will be no floating dust left on the ground after shot blasting. Moreover, the negative pressure generated by the dust collector will recover the steel shot and the cleaned impurities and dust after airflow cleaning, intact The pellets will be recycled automatically, and impurities and dust will also fall into the dust collection box.


3. The shot-blasted epoxy floor is fused with epoxy primer, which has the characteristics of strong adhesion, abrasion resistance and strong hardness.

4. Epoxy floor shot blasting machine is currently more advanced shot blasting equipment, and the shot blasting process is also an environmentally friendly treatment method with simple epoxy floor construction, small equipment investment, significant effects.

5. Used for shot blasting of large-area concrete, terrazzo, hardened wear-resistant floors, marble and other substrate surfaces.



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