Safe use technology of through shot blasting machine

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Safe use technology of through shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-01-08
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The pass-through shot blasting machine is an equipment that can continuously and uninterruptedly perform descaling, cleaning and pretreatment of various materials, such as steel plates, steel materials, section steel, steel pipes, etc. To ensure the safety of the equipment in use, we need to do the following:

(1) It is strictly forbidden to violate the operating procedures of the through-type shot blasting machine, otherwise unnecessary losses may be caused.

(2) When the machine is running, the operator and the loading and unloading staff should wear protective glasses and work clothes.

(3) Because the workpiece running speed is not obvious, it is strictly forbidden to stand on the track during the running process, especially when standing on the moving direction of the workpiece, cleaning the pill, and observe.

(4) Clean up the pellets scattered around the machine in time to prevent slippage and injury.

(5) It is strictly forbidden to open the observation door of the sealed compartment at the inlet and outlet ends while the machine is running.

(6) The internal sealing material of the through-type shot blasting machine is easy to burn, so it is strictly forbidden to operate at a temperature exceeding 200°C. Open flames should be avoided during repairs and maintenance.

(7) It is strictly forbidden to open the top cover of the shot blasting device during its movement.

(8) The equipment has a red signal light when the machine is in normal working condition, and the buzzer will sound when an abnormality occurs. At this time, press the emergency stop button to stop the whole machine, find out the cause and eliminate the fault before starting the machine.

(9) A warning sign must be hung on the electric control cabinet during maintenance, and the main power supply must be cut off when it is necessary to enter the machine for maintenance.

(10) Protective covers such as chains and V-belts can only be removed during maintenance and should be installed firmly when the machine is running.

(11) It is strictly forbidden to leave tools in the screw, chain, motor end, etc. during maintenance.

(12) Cut off the main power supply when there is a sudden power failure.

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