Dust treatment method of shot blasting machine

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Dust treatment method of shot blasting machine

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Shot blasting machine is a kind of processing technology that uses shot blasting machine to spray steel grit and steel balls onto the surface of an object at high speed. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, it is faster, more effective, and can be partially retained or stamped into the casting process. The dust treatment of  shot blasting machine can be divided into coarse purification, intermediate purification and fine purification according to the size of the collected dust particles. Coarse purification is to capture dust particles larger than 100 microns, medium purification is to capture dust particles of 10-100 microns, and fine purification is to capture dust particles of 10 microns. The dust emission requirement in the national environmental protection emission standard is 50 mg/m, and the emission standard of the dust collector of the shot blasting machine used in the foundry shall not be higher than 20 mg/m, which effectively controls the dust pollution in the foundry and ensures the health of employees , Protect the surrounding environment and the safety of personnel.   

Shot blasting machine dust treatment selects two-stage dust removal: the first stage is a cyclone separation dust collector, and the second stage is a pulse bag filter. It has the characteristics of low resistance, simple maintenance, high efficiency, low operating cost, reliable operation, and low investment. It is suitable for the dust removal and purification of fine dust, and the emission concentration can be far lower than the national standard.  

In ventilation and dust removal equipment, high-pressure centrifugal fans are usually used. The exhaust noise and mechanical noise generated by the high-pressure centrifugal fan will cause a harsh working environment. Therefore, the silencer can be installed on the exhaust spring channel of the fan to reduce exhaust noise. In order to reduce mechanical noise, the ventilator can be placed in a ventilation room with soundproofing devices, or it can be hidden outside the fume hood with soundproof materials.  

The filter performance of the dust collector of the shot blasting machine meets the general and special requirements of the dust removal technology, production conditions and environmental factors of the bag filter. Its long service life can not only save operating costs, but also meet the requirements of long-term gas emission standards.

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