Design and functional features of steel structure shot blasting machine

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Design and functional features of steel structure shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2020-11-12
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1. Design structure and functional characteristics

        The new series of steel structure steel through-type shot blasting machines are horizontal through-type and consist of multiple independent units. Under normal circumstances, the equipment does not require foundation. The main components of the equipment: manganese material shot blasting chamber, 4-16 polishing head, protective lining, feeding and discharging chamber body. Shot replenishment system, shot transportation and storage system, shot removal system optional, dust removal system, silencing room and the entire control cabinet.

2. Design and operation sequence

        The conveying raceway conveys the workpiece to the shot blasting chamber, and then the switch is activated to control the feeding of shot blasting. The result is as follows: The shot blasting head is only activated when there is a workpiece in the shot blasting chamber. Minimal wear and tear on equipment and other units. Peripheral equipment can meet the needs of users. The workpiece can be transported to the entrance or exit manually or automatically. The inlet and outlet are sealed to prevent particles from escaping. The exit raceway is equipped with a particle collection hopper, and the remaining particles can be removed manually or with cleaning equipment, and then recycled.


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