Note for operators of shot blasting machine

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Note for operators of shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2020-10-30
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The shot blasting machine operator is mainly responsible for the daily operation and operation of the equipment, including feeding, unloading, daily equipment maintenance, equipment startup and shutdown, and equipment maintenance. The shot blasting machine operator needs to undergo strict training before taking up the job, including the shot blasting machine Safety operation regulations, shot blasting machine operation process and instructions, daily replacement parts and maintenance of shot blasting machine, etc. The specific matters are as follows:
      1. The operators and management personnel of the shot blasting machine need to be familiar with the equipment safety operating procedures and equipment instructions.
      2. Frequently check the wear condition of wearing parts such as shot blasting device and guard plate, so as to discover and replace in time.
      3. Check whether the link screws around the equipment are firmly fixed.
      4. Always check whether the bearings are normal. If lubrication is needed, add lubricant in time.
      5. After the equipment is used up, clean the bulk steel grit abrasives on weekends in time to avoid slippery roads.
      6. If an abnormal situation is encountered during the operation of the equipment, it needs to be shut down in time and contact professionals for maintenance.
      7. Before starting the machine, send out a signal to ensure that there is no one in the machine room, so that non-operators near the machine leave.
      8. The operator of the shot blasting machine must wear protective labor protection supplies daily, including protective glasses, canvas gloves, earplugs, dust masks, labor protection shoes, etc.
      9. Clean the dust in the dust collector regularly.

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