Application of road shot blasting machine

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Application of road shot blasting machine

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The road shot blasting machine is a kind of shot blasting machine. This is an ordinary shot blasting machine. Different from other shot blasting machines, the road shot blasting machine is movable, very small, lightweight, simple and convenient. Shot blasting machines are now widely used. There are four main applications:
1. Marking cleaning
 Cleaning up waste lines on highway surfaces is also a headache. Using road shot blasting machines and floor shot blasting machines can easily remove markings, especially for cold paint marking online cleaning and municipal pedestrian street cleaning and cleaning.


2. Use surface shot blasting machine for surface dehairing and cleaning.

The road shot blasting machine S pretreatment may increase the surface roughness and make it thinner. The durability of the mud dust cover structure is greatly improved. When a resin material is used to cover the surface, shot blasting can improve the bonding strength between the surface of the resin cover layer and the original base layer.


3. Anti-skid treatment of asphalt pavement by road shot blasting machine The impact of road surface roughness on traffic cannot be ignored.
Traffic accidents caused by road landslides are increasing every year. For example, in turning sections and accident-prone sections, road shot blasting machines are used for ground shot blasting machines to improve the anti-skid performance of passing vehicles, which is very convenient and flexible.
4. When driving on roads and highways due to weather caused by the road surface shot blasting machine, the ground shot blasting machine can directly remove the surface of the asphalt pavement oil and improve the anti-skid performance.


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