Advantages of road blasting machine

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Advantages of road blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2023-02-08
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First of all, let's talk about the working principle of the road shot blasting machine. In simple terms, the built-in treatment system of the shot blasting machine is driven by the machine, and the shot material is projected onto the road surface at high speed. During the impact process, the shot material and the cleaned stains, impurities and dust can be recovered, and the shot material can also be recycled automatically after cleaning by the rotary air flow. The components of the road shot blasting machine are not complicated, such as motor, separator, distribution box, shot blasting machine, frame, lifting wheel, etc.
It plays an important role in road construction. The road shot blasting machine can not only clean the road surface, but also improve the road friction during the shot blasting process, so that the vehicle can run more smoothly and reduce the wheel slip accidents that may occur in rainy days. At the same time, the marking lines and tire marks on the road surface in the past can also be removed, greatly improving the neatness and aesthetics. The cleaning effect is very good, and the equipment is small and does not occupy land. So on the whole, it is a very environmentally friendly cleaning tool, so it has a wide range of applications.
In short, the advantages are reflected in the practical use, which improves the roughness and adhesion of the road surface, cleans up the anti-corrosion coating, traces or oxidation surface of the road surface, and can also be used for the maintenance of the road surface. Make the construction surface more flat and clean, make the construction more efficient, dust-free, pollution-free, and more environmentally friendly.


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