Functions and advantages of road shot blasting machine

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Functions and advantages of road shot blasting machine

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At present, the main application fields of the road shot blasting machine are:
1、 Pavement roughness and renovation: highway bridge deck, tunnel concrete floor, high-speed railway ground bridge deck, steel plate bridge deck, workshop floor, underground garage, sidewalk, airport runway, municipal road and pavement.
2、 Rubber removal and marking: airport runway track (rubber) marking, municipal road marking
3、 Coating cleaning: derusting of large cruise ship deck, large oil storage tank and steel bridge deck. For example, for Qingdao Cross-sea Bridge, the steel deck treated by shot blasting can meet the requirements of SA2.5/SA3 steel plate cleanliness, and the roughness can be controlled to meet the requirements of coating process.
So, what are the product advantages of the road blasting machine of Puhua Machinery compared with the products of the same industry?
1、 One-time construction, high efficiency and effective reduction of labor intensity.
2、 It is easy to operate, move and use.
3、 The cleaned surface shall be clean and tidy, with uniform roughness and no damage. Meanwhile, the cracks of concrete shall be fully exposed, which plays a preventive role.
4、 The steel shot loss is small, the replacement of vulnerable parts is convenient, and the cleaning cost is low.
5、 The surface cleaning roughness can be adjusted to meet different cleaning requirements


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