How to maintain shot blasting machine spare parts

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How to maintain shot blasting machine spare parts

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-24
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The internal parts of the shot blasting machine include shot blasting machine parts, shot blasting device and its parts, as well as dust collector, separator, guard plate of shot blasting room, electronic control equipment, dust bag, dust removal fan and dust removal fan shell , Rubber floor drain plate of shot blasting machine, etc.

The daily maintenance of shot blasting machine accessories:

1. Check whether there is debris or rubbish falling into the shot blasting machine. It is necessary to clean up the debris in time to prevent the equipment failure of the shot blasting machine caused by blocking each transmission link.

2. Make preparations and check whether the parts of the shot blasting machine are tightly tightened before operation.

3. Before the shot blasting machine works, check again the wear of the protective plate, blades, impeller, directional sleeve and other wearing parts of the shot blasting machine. If worn, it needs to be replaced in time.

4. Check the fit of the electrical components and tighten the bolts firmly.

5. The shot blasting equipment inspects all parts and whether the fueling meets the regulations

Shot blasting cleaning machine work As long as the daily maintenance work of the shot blasting machine is done, the use time of the equipment will be extended. Reduce the occurrence of failures.



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