Characteristics of mesh belt shot blasting machine

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Characteristics of mesh belt shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2022-11-30
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1. The mesh belt shot blasting machine is an automatic closed model, which is not only fashionable in design and scientific and reasonable in structure, but also has the advantages of improving work efficiency and good processing effect in actual use.

2. In the design of this kind of machine, the design of double filter screen is adopted for the parts in the machine, which can not only avoid the blockage of debris to the overall work of the machine, but also effectively improve the smoothness of sand blasting.

3. The machine is also designed with an independent big bag dust removal system, which makes the machine have the advantages of strong dust collection capacity and high visibility throughout the use process, and can be directly used with an independent dust collection box. It is loved by many consumers.

4. The overall capacity of the working cabin of the mesh belt shot blasting machine is relatively large. With the design of the left and right side doors, it is more convenient to access workpieces in use, and it can also save some operating space.




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