Common problems of shot blasting machine

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Common problems of shot blasting machine

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1、 Cause Analysis and Measures for Blade Damage
The blade of the shot blasting machine is constantly impacted by the shot thrown, so the blade is a vulnerable part of the shot blasting machine. Worn or cracked blades will cause the impeller to vibrate when rotating at high speed. If the blades are found to have deep grooves or more than half worn, they should be replaced in time. In addition, the casting defects of the blade will inevitably accelerate the wear of the blade. Because the blade with casting defects will cause the projectile to jump in the movement process, and the bouncing projectile will in turn wash the blade, increasing the wear of the blade. To ensure the operation stability of the shot blasting machine, it is recommended to replace the blades with high chromium blades, which are more impact resistant and wear resistant. If the problem of the blades of the shot blasting machine causes the abnormal operation of the polishing head, replace all the blades. The blades with casting defects must not be used. Note that the weight difference of one group of 8 blades should not be greater than 5g when installing blades, so it is recommended to replace the whole group of blades.


2. Problems and measures of dedusting system
If the bag type dust remover system is adopted for the shot blasting machine, during the operation, the operator will clear the dust once an hour by shaking the handle on the dust remover for more than 10 times each time.
After the shot blasting machine stops running, the operator manually turns over the ash outlet at the bottom of the bag machine to remove the accumulated ash


3、 Inspection and replacement of end guard and side guard
The end guard board and side guard board of the shot blasting machine are fixed at the inner side of the shot blasting box to maintain the shot blasting box. The end guard board is connected by four trapezoidal bolts. If the trapezoidal bolts are found deformed during inspection, they should be replaced in time; If the end guard plate is worn with cracks or obvious grooves, it shall be replaced in time. The upper and lower separation surfaces of the side guard plate are seriously worn or cracked, which shall be replaced in time; The fastening bolts of the side guard of the shot blasting machine shall be tightened in the groove outside to prevent the side guard from falling.



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