Automatic sandblasting room to Hungary

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Automatic sandblasting room to Hungary

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  • Time of issue:2022-10-21
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Yesterday, our 6 m * 6 m * 4 m fully automatic sandblasting room customized by Hungarian customers completed production and is preparing for packing and shipping.



The sandblasting room at the outlet is in a split structure when loading containers, and three containers are used for transportation. After the container is transported to Hungary, our company will arrange professional engineers to guide the installation and commissioning.
The sandblasting room is applicable to the surface sandblasting of medium-sized components, irregular workpieces and batch treated parts to clean oxide skin, rust skin and paint, and is widely used in anti-corrosion construction sites and field construction sites. The sandblasting room is an ideal environment-friendly surface treatment equipment for mobile sandblasting operations of anti-corrosion companies and field construction units.


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