Explanation of shot blasting machine knowledge

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Explanation of shot blasting machine knowledge

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1. What are the main components of the shot blasting machine?
On the shot blasting machine, the main components are:
Shot blasting device: it is a high-speed rotating impeller that throws the projectile in a certain direction under the centrifugal effect. And in some shot blasting machines, it can swing up and down at a certain angle.
Pill collection, separation and transportation system: this is also a part of it, but also an important part.
In addition, in the process of workpiece processing, there is also a carrier that can make it run and turn continuously, which is also essential.

2. What are the main materials of the protective plate of the shot blasting machine?
As for the guard plate of shot blasting machine, its material is mainly high chromium cast iron. Moreover, it plays an important and critical role in this machine. Therefore, we cannot underestimate it. In addition, enough attention shall be paid to ensure the normal operation of the shot blasting machine.




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