Uses and advantages of catenary shot blasting machine

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Uses and advantages of catenary shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2020-08-21
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Catenary pass-through shot blasting machine is a device that uses high-speed rotating impellers to throw projectiles toward the workpiece at a certain speed, thereby effectively cleaning and strengthening the surface of the workpiece. Due to its high production efficiency, it is suitable for mass production. Can handle a variety of different workpieces, especially irregular and light weight workpieces, widely used in automotive parts industry, machinery processing industry, etc.

The advantages of catenary pass-through shot blasting cleaning machine are as follows:
1) Using catenary chain, multi-hook, step-by-step cycle operation, the workpieces do not collide with each other and deform, and can be hung in the effective space as much as possible, and the production efficiency is high.
2) Using the single-in and single-out form, with the reasonable configuration of four high-power shot blasters, the workpieces are shot in turn, which meets the requirements of the TES-02-2 standard strengthening technology and achieves the expected strengthening effect.
3) The electrical control system uses imported PLC to control the start-up and shutdown of the entire set of equipment, with a high degree of automation. It also performs dynamic monitoring and protection of the entire system of the entire set of equipment, with sound and light alarm systems and automatic fault handling functions.
4) The top, bottom and opposite sides of the cleaning chamber are made of high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron, which has a long service life. One main and two auxiliary cleaning rooms are used; the top seams and working doors are sealed with multiple layers, the structure is reasonable, and the sealing performance is good.
(5) The dust removal system adopts secondary dust removal. The combination of cyclone dust removal and pulse filter dust removal greatly improves the dust removal effect, and the dust emission concentration is lower than the corresponding national standard.

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