Sandblasting and painting booths sent to the Philippines

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Sandblasting and painting booths sent to the Philippines

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  • Time of issue:2022-08-10
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Today, our Australian custom sandblasting and paint booths are being fitted out for delivery.

The following picture is a picture of our packing site:



The size of this sandblasting room is 8m×6m×3m. According to the customer’s request, we made a blue house. This equipment is mainly used for cleaning and derusting the surface of the trailer chassis, so we designed the H type. The recycling system consists of two scrapers and a set of spirals. The scraper is designed for easy maintenance and high work efficiency. Due to the large workpiece to be cleaned, we have equipped the sandblasting room with two sets of sandblasting tanks, which can satisfy two people working in the sandblasting room at the same time and improve the operation efficiency. In order to ensure the safety of the operation, we use remote control to control the sandblasting tank, which reduces the occurrence of potential safety hazards.

Sand blasting room is also called shot blasting room and sand blasting room. It is suitable for cleaning and derusting the surface of some large workpieces, and increasing the adhesion effect between the workpiece and the coating; They are: mechanical recovery sandblasting room and manual recovery shot blasting room; the main feature of the sandblasting room is that the operator is indoors during the sandblasting process. Protective clothing and helmets protect the operator from abrasive shocks, and ventilation provides fresh air to the operator through the helmet.

The sandblasting room has shields and safety warning signs where there are transmission parts to warn the color of the coating, and the operation position and maintenance platform are designed with emergency stop buttons, so that the pill supply, blasting (sand) pills, maintenance and other devices are safe Chained, the sandblasting room is equipped with a projectile recovery belt conveyor to prevent accidents caused by scattered projectiles. The sandblasting room is equipped with a power-off emergency light, and the automatic walking table has a safety limit.

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