How to maintain the shot blasting machine

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How to maintain the shot blasting machine

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Daily maintenance and maintenance of shot blasting machine:

1. Check the main parts and accessories again and again, such as: shot blasting machine, directional sleeve, shot dividing wheel, side guard plate, impeller, blade, steel shot.


2. Check the various electrical systems of the equipment to see if they are malfunctioning or broken.


3. Lubricate all parts of the shot blasting machine regularly to ensure that there is no problem of poor shot blasting effect due to a certain part.


4. Every day, the guards of the shot blasting machine should be checked for wear and tear. If the damage is serious, it must be replaced.


5. Check all lines and stud screws to ensure that the lines and studs are not loose and avoid safety accidents.


6. The technical operator should evaluate the shot blasting effect and how to adjust it if the effect is not obvious enough.


7. Check the sealing parts of the shot blasting equipment, that is, the wearing parts every day, and use a notebook to write down the workpieces that are about to be damaged to avoid forgetting.



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