Video conference with US customers

  • Time of issue:2022-07-05
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Video conference with US customers

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  • Time of issue:2022-07-05
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Today, we had a video conference with an American customer. This customer is our new customer. Our sales manager has been negotiating with the customer for two months. Because there is no way to come to China at present, the customer is not interested in our shot blasting. There are still doubts about the production strength of the machine, so we specially launched this video conference in response to the doubts of customers.



Through this live conference, our American customers have an exact understanding of our shot blasting machine production strength, and after participating in the video conference, they immediately paid our company an advance payment, and let us start production of Q37 hook shot blasting machine immediately, our Qingdao Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has won the recognition of customers with our strength.


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