Characteristics and application range of crawler shot blasting machine

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Characteristics and application range of crawler shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-22
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The application range of the crawler shot blasting machine is as follows:

1. Cleaning and finishing of die castings, precision castings, precision forgings, etc.

2. Remove the surface oxide scale of heat-treated parts, castings and forgings.

3. Spring. Derusting and pre-painting of fasteners.

The following is an introduction to the characteristics of the crawler shot blasting machine:

1. The equipment uses the rotating impeller to throw the projectile onto the workpiece that needs to be sorted, and the projectile speed is not slow.

2. The pulley adopts the world's quick-change structure, the working speed is fast and the replacement is relatively simple, saving time and manpower.

3. The centrifugal shot blasting machine is used for this equipment. The noise generated during the working process is small, and the finishing effect is particularly remarkable.

4. The bag filter is selected, which has good filtering and purification effects, and the dust discharge meets the environmental standards.


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