Round bar shot blasting machine

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Round bar shot blasting machine

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The round bar shot blasting machine can be used for derusting and descaling cleaning of round, square, hexagonal or flat wires and bars. It can be supplied with single-stream or multi-stream according to different production planning and processing capacity.
Features of bar shot blasting machine:
1. Remote control of shot flow makes the shot blasting process easy to adapt to changing production needs;
2. The shell of the shot blasting chamber is made of hard manganese steel;
3. Stand-alone use can also be integrated into the production line;
4. The use of adjustable pellet flow guide plate greatly improves the energy utilization rate.
After the bar shot blasting machine finishes cleaning the steel, its internal dust removal system starts to work. The residual pellets or dust left over from the previously treated steel will be transported back to the funnel chamber by the purging equipment by the screw, and the residual pellets will be cleaned again. The dust that comes down will be recycled together with the stains removed by the previous oxide layer for processing, and then the clean air will be discharged into the air from the exhaust pipe.





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