Composition and characteristics of road shot blasting machine

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Composition and characteristics of road shot blasting machine

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1. Features of road shot blasting machine:
    The road shot blasting machine can clean and remove the laitance and impurities on the surface of the concrete at one time, and can roughen the surface of the concrete to make the surface uniform and rough, which greatly improves the adhesive strength of the waterproof layer and the concrete base, so that the waterproof layer and The bridge deck is better combined, and at the same time, the cracks in the concrete can be fully exposed, which plays a role in preventing problems before they occur.
2. the composition of the road shot blasting machine:
 (1). Shot blasting machine
 The shot blasting machine is the core component of the shot blasting machine, which is mainly composed of a shot separation wheel, a directional sleeve, a blade and an impeller. The motor drives the main shaft to rotate the pelletizing wheel at high speed. The front part of the pelletizing wheel is connected to the pellet feeding tube. The pellets enter the cavity of the pelleting wheel from the pellet feeding tube.
 At a certain speed, the opening of the pelletizing wheel enters the directional sleeve, and then the opening of the directional sleeve is thrown to the high-speed rotating blade. The opening of the directional sleeve determines the throwing direction of the pellets. The projectile continues to move with the blade and is thrown from the edge of the blade, hitting the surface to be treated.
 (2). Recovery and separation device
The recovery and separation device consists of a pill return pipe, a separation chamber and a storage hopper. In order to make the structure simple and compact, the single blasting head shot blasting machine adopts a wind separation and separation chamber, and a mesh screen is arranged between the separation chamber and the storage hopper. The projectile is thrown by the shot blasting head, and after hitting the surface to be treated, it enters the return pipe, and reaches the separation chamber through the return pipe, and the volume suddenly increases, resulting in a decrease in air pressure and a decrease in wind speed. At this time, it is greatly affected by gravity, the horizontal movement speed is reduced, and it has a tendency to fall and enter the next cycle; the mesh screen can prevent large impurities from entering the shot blasting wheel; the dust is separated by wind separation and enters the dust removal system. The recovery and separation device has a simple structure and good separation effect, thereby ensuring good throwing quality and improving the life of wearing parts.
(3). Dust removal system
The dust removal system is composed of the connecting pipeline from the separator to the dust collector, a centrifugal high-pressure fan, and a filter cartridge dust collector. The dust-laden gas generated when the shot blasting machine works, enters the dust collector through the connecting pipe, is filtered by the dust collector, and then is discharged through the centrifugal high-pressure fan. The air volume of the fan is determined by calculation, and the air volume is adjusted through the butterfly valve to ensure that dust enters the dust collection. device.
(4). Electronic control system
The electronic control system adopts PLC control, which can be operated in vain or manually, and can perform fault diagnosis and alarm. The walking system is used to control the walking route and speed of the shot blasting machine.


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