Types and classifications of shot blasting machines

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Types and classifications of shot blasting machines

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The classification of shot blasting machines can be roughly divided into five categories, including pass-through series, crawler-type series, hook-type series, trolley-type series, rotary table-type series, and mobile-type series. Types and classifications of shot blasting machines:

1. The common models of the pass-through series are Q698, Q6910, Q6920, Q6925, Q6930, Q6940. In addition, the models are determined according to their uses, such as hanging chains, steel pipes, H-beams, steel plates and other products. The surface treatment is divided into models. Divided by the number of hanging chains, the steel pipe is divided by the diameter of the steel pipe, the H-beam is divided by the opening size of the shot blasting machine, and the steel plate is determined by the width of the steel plate. Rust removal, etc.
2. Common models of hook type series include Q376, Q378, Q3710, Q3720, Q3730, Q3750 and hook through type series.
3. Common models of crawler series include Q326, Q3210, gn automatic feeding series, etc.
4. Rotary table series commonly include Q3512, Q3515, Q3518, Q3525 and other models.
5. The trolley type series is mainly modeled according to the weight of the shot blasting product.
6. The mobile series, the mobile shot blasting machine is mainly used for the cleaning of road surfaces, bridge decks, and airport markings in road construction.


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