The composition of the hook type shot blasting machine

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The composition of the hook type shot blasting machine

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The main components of the hook-through shot blasting machine are shot blasting device, elevator, separator and conveyor. Each part plays an indispensable role in the whole process of the hook passing.


The shot blasting wheel is the key part of the whole hook-through shot blasting machine. There are three main parts in the shot blasting machine: the projectile projectile, the collecting projectile, and the orientation system. When the item reaches the shot blasting machine, the front and rear doors will automatically close to prevent shot leakage during the shot blasting process. The orientation of the shot blasting wheel can be controlled by the computer. After the shot blasting is completed, the used projectiles will be collected by collection for the next shot blasting.


The lifter is mainly to allow objects to move up and down inside the shot blasting machine, especially for relatively long items, the shot blasting effect on the head and bottom is easy to be not obvious, so moving up and down can increase the range of use.


The separator is what we call a dust collector. Generally, a bag-shaped dust collector is used, which is relatively cost-effective. Of course, there are other types of dust collectors according to the different needs of the factory, which are mainly used for shot blasting. The dust generated in the process is precipitated and separated, which ensures the industrial environment and work safety to a large extent.


The last conveyor is used in the hook-through shot blasting machine to convey the items through the upper chain. Through the control of the computer, the conveyor can be controlled for a constant time according to the size of the item to achieve perfect shot blasting aging.




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