21*9*9 Large sandblasting room sent to UAE

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21*9*9 Large sandblasting room sent to UAE

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Today, the 21*9*9 large-scale sandblasting room customized by our UAE customer has been completed and is being packed and shipped.
21*9*9 means a sandblasting room with a length of 21 meters, a width of 9 meters and a height of 9 meters. Our customers want to clean large tanks, so they chose our large sandblasting room.


Sand blasting room is also called shot blasting room and sand blasting room. It is suitable for cleaning and derusting the surface of some large workpieces, and increasing the adhesion effect between the workpiece and the coating; They are: mechanical recovery sandblasting room and manual recovery shot blasting room; the main feature of the sandblasting room is that the operator is indoors during the sandblasting process. Protective clothing and helmets protect the operator from abrasive shocks, and ventilation provides fresh air to the operator through the helmet.


The sandblasting room adopts the press-in sandblasting process, that is, the sand is sprayed onto the metal surface by the pressure, flow rate and flow of the compressed air. When the sandblasting room is in working state, the compressed air and the sand material in the container are mixed and sprayed at the same time, so that the compressed air can be fully utilized, and the flow rate of the air and the sand material can be easily adjusted, and the ideal mixing ratio, energy and sand material can be obtained. Low consumption and high grinding and sweeping efficiency, suitable for large-scale cleaning and derusting of metal surfaces in shipbuilding, aircraft, rolling stock, bridge, chemical and other industries.


The sandblasting room has shields and safety warning signs where there are transmission parts, warning the color of the coating, and the operation position and the maintenance platform are designed with emergency stop buttons, so that the pill supply, blasting (sand) pills, maintenance and other devices are safe Chained, the sandblasting room is equipped with a projectile recovery belt conveyor to prevent accidents caused by scattered projectiles. The sandblasting room is equipped with a power-off emergency light, and the automatic walking table has a safety limit.


The sandblasting room uses a low-power motor to complete the efficient and automatic recovery of large-area floor abrasives, which greatly reduces power consumption and usage costs. When the abrasive is recycled, only the high-wear-resistant polyurethane scraper is in contact with the abrasive, without any friction with any other parts, and it is recycled slowly and evenly, thus completely eliminating the secondary crushing loss of the abrasive during floor recycling, and removing the The wear of the floor structure is reduced to close to zero, thereby saving abrasives and greatly extending the service life of the floor, greatly reducing the cost of use.


The sandblasting room has a long service life and is easy to maintain: the design and material selection of high wear-resistant polyurethane scrapers ensure the ultra-long service life of the scraper system, and the polyurethane scraper can be easily replaced by simply opening the floor grid plate, which is easy to maintain. It is fast, convenient and saves man-hours. The low-power motor of the sandblasting room ensures low-noise operation. The sandblasting room does not need pit design, which is more convenient for installation.




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