Main features of large roller shot blasting machine

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Main features of large roller shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-29
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       1. The layout of the shot blasting device is simulated by computer three-dimensional dynamic simulation, and the arranged angle and position are determined by the computer design to ensure that the workpiece is completely and thoroughly cleaned, and the blind area and dead angle are reduced to the minimum.
  2. The cleaning chamber body is welded by steel plate and profile steel frame. The chamber body is lined with a 10mm thick wear-resistant special iron guard plate for protection, and is pressed with a protective nut for easy disassembly and replacement. The protective plates are protected by lap joints.
  3. The roller shafts of the feeding and discharging rollers are all welded with high-quality carbon steel seamless steel pipes and quenched and tempered shaft heads. The shape and installation dimensions are processed as a whole after welding to ensure coaxiality.
  4. The projectile circulation system adopts an advanced overflow and compensation system to ensure that the equipment has an appropriate amount of projectiles at all times during operation, and there will be no transitional loss of projectiles that will affect the cleaning effect.
  5. This equipment adopts two-stage dust removal. The dust is firstly subjected to coarse dust removal through the aging box, the larger particles are settled, and then the filter cartridge type dust collector is used for fine filtration. The dust capture effect is good, and the dust removal efficiency for micron dust can reach 99.5%
  6. ​​This machine is controlled by Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the frequency converter is also Siemens products, and other electrical components are all Chint products. The whole system is equipped with automatic/manual switch, and is equipped with safety protection functions such as electrical interlocking, self-locking, and fault alarm to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


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