Advantages of using shot blasting machine

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Advantages of using shot blasting machine

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1. Strong cleaning power. The so-called shot blasting machine is to use mechanical equipment to project our steel grit or steel shot, and the force brought by the drop can clean the surface of the workpiece. In order to be able to clean the parts of each workpiece more and more carefully, the shot blasting machine adopts centrifugal operation to ensure that all parts can be hit to clean up residual substances. One of the advantages of the shot blasting machine is that it has a relatively good cleaning power, which can determine the flatness and smoothness of the surface regardless of the size of the workpiece.


2. Long service life. We have also mentioned the working principle of the shot blasting machine above, using the thrown steel shot to use the falling speed to pile up the workpiece to achieve the effect of cleaning. In order to meet the working requirements of the shot blasting machine, a protective plate will be added to the thermal insulation area of ​​the cleaning room to protect the memory of the shot blasting machine. In this way, the service life of the shot blasting machine is increased.


3. The cost is not high. Due to the needs of its work, the shot blasting machine will be installed with its many different supporting equipment, so that it can be determined that there will be no errors during its operation. Of course, the installation of multiple large-scale production equipment together has corresponding requirements for the compressive capacity of the ground. In order to progress the work, the main support point of the shell of the shot blasting machine adopts a pitless structure, which can reduce the cost. At the same time, it can be used in different ground conditions, and there is no need to find a new place or deal with the ground, etc., and the cost is also reduced to a corresponding extent.



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