How to choose the steel shot of the shot blasting machine

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How to choose the steel shot of the shot blasting machine

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Steel wire cut shot and cast steel shot are the two most widely used abrasives in shot blasting machines at present. In some cases, the two can be used instead. Some users can mix the two abrasives in proportion, which is all possible. But in some demanding production, there are still differences between the two.





As the name suggests, steel wire cutting pills are made of steel wire rope or raw silk as raw materials and cut into sections. The model refers to the diameter of the steel wire cutting pills, not the cutting length. This kind of production is relatively simple and low cost, so the price is relatively cheap. The advantages of shredding and cutting pellets are that they are cheap and have a long service life, but the workpieces cleaned by them have high roughness and are not suitable for the processing of some high-precision workpieces.





Cast steel shot is first of all shot, which is spherical. Its production process is more complicated and the cost is relatively high.
The price of cast steel shot is more expensive than that of steel wire cut shot, and the service life is shorter than that of steel wire cut shot, but the surface of the workpiece thrown by him is smooth, and only cast steel shot can be used if the surface roughness of the workpiece is high. In actual production, the two can be mixed to achieve the best combination.
The editor summarizes that the steel wire cutting shot has a long service life and is cheap, and the roughness of the workpiece is high. Cast steel shot has a short service life, high price, and smooth processing of workpieces. Have you learned it? Puhua Heavy Industry Machinery specializes in the production and development of shot blasting machines and shot blasting machine accessories. Welcome to inquire.

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