Q3710 series hook type shot blasting machine sent to Mexico

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Q3710 series hook type shot blasting machine sent to Mexico

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Today, the production and commissioning of our custom-made hook-type shot blasting machine in Mexico is completed and is being packed and shipped.


The following introduces the installation process of the hook shot blasting machine:




1. Shot blasting machine:


The shot blasting machine has been installed on the chamber body before leaving the factory, and the problems to be debugged should be paid attention to before use. Check whether the fixed position of the blade, the pellet wheel, the directional sleeve and the guard plate is accurate and firm, and jog the power to check whether the rotation direction is correct. Then adjust the orientation of the opening of the directional sleeve. In theory, the angle between the front edge of the directional opening and the front edge of the blade throwing orientation is about 90°. After fixing the orientation of the orientation sleeve, the orientation of the ejection belt can be detected. Place a steel plate or a wooden board facing the exit of the shot blasting machine at the position where the workpiece is hung, start the shot blasting machine, put a few (2-5kg) projectiles into the shot feed pipe, and then stop the machine to check whether the impacted position on the steel plate is suitable for the needs, such as Close the window of the partial adjustable directional sleeve downward, and vice versa until it stops properly. And write down the orientation of the directional sleeve as a basis for future replacement of the directional sleeve.


2. Hoist and screw conveyor:


First carry out the no-load test to check whether the working direction of the lifting bucket and the screw blade is correct, then tighten the belt of the hoist to a moderate degree of tightness to avoid deviation, and then carry out the load test to check the working condition and transportation capacity. Noise and vibration, check and remove obstructions.


3. Pill sand separator:


First check whether the gate movement is flexible, and then check that the orientation of the cooking plate is moderate. Then, when the hoist is debugged under load, there is continuous inflow of steel shot, and when the hopper is unloaded, check whether the steel shot flows out and falls in the form of a curtain.




(1) The workpiece should be filled as much as possible within the range of φ600x1100mm, which requires the production of a variety of suitable spreaders according to the size and shape of the workpiece. Only in this way, the rod can give full play to the power of the projectile ejection belt, and at the same time reduce the impact of empty shot projectiles on the abundant body. Shock and wear of the guard plate.


(2) When the hook is driven into the indoor center, it must be in place, then close the door, press another stroke switch, and start the shot blasting machine to ensure the safety of operation and repair, and to ensure that the ejection belt is fully utilized.


(3) Always check whether the projectile stream at the supply gate is full, and the projectile storage capacity is insufficient, and should be replenished in time.




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