What are the factors that affect the shot blasting strength

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What are the factors that affect the shot blasting strength

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Factors affecting shot blasting strength:


1. The speed of shot blasting, but we also need to know that the speed of shot blasting increases and the strength of the projectile steel shot increases, so the damage rate of shot blasting will also increase, and the relationship between them is proportional. The second is the size of the shot blasting. The larger shot blasting has a larger impact force and the strength naturally increases. However, in general, under the premise of the strength of the shot blasting, we will still choose a suitable smaller steel shot, because the steel shot is too strong. The larger the coverage, the lower the coverage.


Second, the hardness and crushing amount of shot blasting, these two factors will also affect the projectile strength of the crawler shot blasting machine. If the shot blasting hardness is greater than the hardness of the parts, then changing the shot blasting hardness will not have much effect. If the shot blasting hardness is less than the hardness of the parts, the shot blasting strength will decrease with the decrease of its hardness value. In addition, when the shot blasting machine is damaged, it will cause a decrease in the projectile strength, and if the broken steel shot is not cleaned up in time, its irregular shape will cause damage to the surface of the parts of the machine.



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