Installation steps of steel plate shot blasting machine

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Installation steps of steel plate shot blasting machine

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Installation steps of steel plate through shot blasting machine:


1. General assembly: People who have installed or assembled objects should know that the installation of the machine must first assemble the general parts together, and then install the small parts, the same is true for the through-type shot blasting machine. So when assembling, first assemble important parts such as shot blaster and dust collector.


2. Installation of projectile equipment: After the general parts are assembled, the projectile equipment is installed. The machine that provides projectiles and split projectiles is installed on the separator, and you can prepare your own tools to receive the separated objects, and then recycle or dispose of them.


3. Basic work: First, choose the foundation when installing, that is to say, the position of the machine should be kept flat, and the installation can be started after confirming the position of the machine.


4. Adjustment of working parts: After assembling, another step is to debug to see if the machine can be used normally. Under normal circumstances, the projectiles thrown should be uniform and without gaps, so that high efficiency of work can be ensured. Therefore, if the projectiles that flow out are not uniform, you can manually adjust the weight and the separation plate until the uniform can be separated.





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