Working principle of large roller pass-through shot blasting machine

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Working principle of large roller pass-through shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-15
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The large-scale roller table pass-through shot blasting machine is mainly composed of preheating, shot blasting and paint spray drying processes. It is suitable for the surface derusting and painting process of steel plates, profiles and structural parts in ships, automobiles, locomotives, bridges, machinery and other industries. During the cleaning process of the machine, the electrically controlled adjustable speed roller conveys the steel structure or steel into the ejection area of ​​the cleaning machine room, and all sides of the body are hit and rubbed by dense projectiles from different coordinate directions to make it on the top The scale, rust layer and its dirt quickly fall off, and the surface of the steel gets a rough surface with a certain roughness, and the workpiece is loaded and unloaded on the entrance and exit rollers on both sides of the cleaning room. The projectiles and rust dust falling on the steel are blown by the purge device, and the scattered dust mixture is conveyed by the recovery screw to the chamber funnel, and the vertical and horizontal screw conveyor is collected at the lower part of the elevator and then lifted to the upper part of the machine. In the device, the separated pure projectile falls into the separator hopper for the shot blasting cycle. Dust is generated during shot blasting and is sent to the dust removal system by the exhaust pipe. The purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere, and the particulate dust is captured and collected.



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