Q376 hook shot blasting machine sent to Russia

  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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Q376 hook shot blasting machine sent to Russia

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-24
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Today, the hook-type shot blasting machine ordered by a Russian customer is finally shipped, because the recent container is too difficult to order. Our shot blasting machine has been produced and debugged half a month ago, but because there are too few containers, there is no Ship.
The picture below is the delivery site of the Q376 hook shot blasting machine:






The hook type shot blasting machine has high production efficiency, low equipment failure rate and high cost performance. It is especially suitable for the finishing and strengthening of workpieces that are not suitable for bumping, such as gears. The shape of the workpiece should be easy to hang, and multiple types can be produced at the same time, which is convenient to operate , Well received by the majority of enterprises.

The working principle of the hook type shot blasting machine: the workpiece is hoisted on the spreader, and the electric hoist or electric trolley is used to send it into the working room. After the door is closed, the steel grit steel shot is thrown and impacted on the data object at a high speed through the shot blasting machine. Surface finishing, the workpiece rotates or shifts slightly in the shot blasting room, so that the workpiece is evenly shot blasted.

The technical features of the hook shot blasting machine: the working cylinder of the hook shot blasting machine has a diameter from 900 to 1300 mm, and a height from 1300 to 2200 mm. The standard model has 2-7 shot blasting heads and a load capacity of 10,000 Kilogram, suitable for surface finishing or strengthening treatment of medium and small castings and forgings in the chemical, electrical, casting, construction, machine tool and other industries. It is especially suitable for surface finishing and shot blasting strengthening of various types and small batches of castings, and steel structure parts, and suitable for finishing slender and thin-walled parts that are not suitable for knocking. The hook type shot blasting machine has a high production efficiency and a large flexibility span. It is an ideal finishing and strengthening equipment.


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