Newly designed crawler shot blasting machine

  • Time of issue:2021-12-21
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Newly designed crawler shot blasting machine

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  • Time of issue:2021-12-21
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The picture below is the latest crawler shot blasting machine designed by our company,This innovation mainly uses a more durable alloy as the main body, which can greatly extend the service life of the shot blasting machine and reduce customer maintenance costs.

The working principle of the crawler shot blasting machine: After adding the specified number of workpieces in the cleaning room, the crawler shot blasting machine starts, the workpiece is driven by the drum and starts to reverse, and at the same time, the shot blasting with large shot blasting volume and high shot blasting speed is adopted. The cleaner can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and obtain satisfactory cleaning quality. The structure of the shot blasting chamber of the crawler shot blasting machine adopts computer-aided design to make the arrangement of the shot blasting device more reasonable. The projectiles thrown by the shot blasting device at high speed form a fan-shaped beam, which strikes evenly on the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve cleaning The purpose is to throw projectiles and gravel through the small holes on the rubber track, flow into the steel mesh at the bottom of the crawler shot blasting machine, and then send them into the elevator through the screw conveyor. The fan is sucked into the dust collector for filtering, and the clean air is discharged into the atmosphere. The dust on the dust collector falls into the dust box at the bottom of the dust collector by machine vibration. The user can clean it regularly. The waste sand flows out from the waste port. After the separator is separated, the clean projectile enters the blasting device by the electromagnetic valve to throw the workpiece.

Crawler shot blasting machines are widely used in small and medium-sized castings, forgings, stamping parts, non-ferrous metal castings, gears and springs for sand cleaning, descaling and surface strengthening. Crawler shot blasting machines are equipped with dust collectors to achieve environmentally friendly emissions. Standard, low noise, small area, stable performance, safe and reliable, it is an excellent and ideal cleaning equipment in China.

The torsion-resistant, high-rigid body shell of the crawler shot blasting machine has a reasonable chain drive system and geometric movement principle, which ensures that the firm, overlapping track shoes always maintain a smooth connection. High-quality cast chain links have undergone precise machining and partial carburizing treatment. After the hardened and ground chain pins, the crawler shot blasting machine still has a small tolerance gap after a long time load operation, a good man-machine environment, and easy maintenance: all bearings are installed outside the shot blasting chamber, all The protective plate adopts the modular installation method, which is easy to disassemble and replace and ensures that the shell is not worn by the pill current. The door adopts electric opening and closing, and the structure is compact. It is lifted and lowered by the steel wire rope hoisted by the reducer, which is convenient to use, safe and reliable.






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